Covering over 761,000 acres, Yosemite National Park is recognized for its vast waterfalls, granite cliffs, crystal clear streams and wildlife. Create your memorable journey in Yosemite, a wonderful destination for any outdoor or recreational experience!



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Yosemite offers countless activities for the whole family! Find your adventures!


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Always in search of a thrill? Look no further! Yosemite is full of adventure!


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Leave your worries behind. Yosemite is the ultimate location to relax!


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Get the most out of your first Yosemite experience! Everything you need to know is right here.


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Your essential guide to your Yosemite experience, straight from the source!


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Your guide to Summer activites in Yosemite!

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Fall brings beautiful color, cooler temperatures and plenty of fun events! See what’s going on during your visit and enjoy the best of Yosemite/Mariposa County this fall.

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Fang Guo_ Mariposa Grove
Fang Guo_ Mariposa Grove

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Fall is the time for deals! Find giant savings on lodging, dining, and shopping today at our Fall Deals page.

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Tastes of the Season

Cheers! Time to celebrate the fruits of the season, say farewell to summer, and hello to delicious food and drink. Autumn is a great time to getaway on a food and wine escape and Yosemite/Mariposa County has lots of options to satisfy any appetite. Proximity…
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Autumn Photography Escapes!

There is just something magical about autumn in Yosemite. The low-angled light casts a golden glow over granite, the sugar maples and black oaks erupt with fiery color, and a serenity rests over the valley after the bustle of the summertime crowds subsides. Capture this magical time with your camera. Photographers will barely make it… Read more »

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Yosemite News

Autumn Photography Escapes!

There is just something magical about autumn in Yosemite. The low-angled light casts a golden glow over…Read More »
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  • In 1899, there were only 4,500 visitors. Today, more than 4 million have visited the Yosemite National Park.

  • The Yosemite National Park has a sister park in Chile, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine is located among the breath taking scenery of Patagonian Chile.

  • Black bears in Yosemite are active both day and night. Most bears that rely on natural food sources are active during the day. However, those that get food from people are often active at night, when they can quietly sneak around and grab unattended food.

  • The highest peak at Yosemite is Mt. Lyell at 13,114 feet.

  • Yosemite Park itself measures 748,542 acres (or 1,169 square miles)

  • While driving into Yosemite Valley just after dark, flash your high beams near El Capitan, and climbers will flash their lights back at you!

  • Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) brings students to Yosemite National Park each summer for a dynamic literacy and leadership immersion program.


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