Dials Rock & Fossil Shop

Dials Rock & Fossil Shop has a unique collection of petrified wood, rare gems and minerals, and a room featuring fossils from all over the world. North American Indian arts and crafts such as rugs, bead work, baskets, arrows, jewelry, pottery, and Zuni fetishes (old and new). The shop also has antiques, collectibles, used books, pictures, Yosemite collectibles and the unusual from all over the world.

Polished rocks from 25 cents and up, old post cards, gemstone necklaces from $12.00, carved soap stone items, wind chimes, book ends, crystals and jewelry. We have a great selection of gold specimens, quartz-gold specimens, nuggets and fines.

During the middle 1800′s Aqua Fria Trading Post was established along with a small Indian village just behind Negro Hill. In the beginning this shop was a miner’s shack, then an Indian trading post. In the mid 1900′s this shop was established by Ralph Dials as a rock and gift shop. Aqua Fria was heavily mined during the gold rush days, In fact, it was so rich it was called a blanket creek, miners would work an area of about the size of a 12 square foot blanket. Aqua Fria was also mined during the Great Depression. People lived in tents and small wooden cabins and sold their finds for bacon and beans. Now you can see the miners of the new millennium gold-panning the Aqua Fria in the spring and early summer at Dials Rock and Fossil Shop.

Buy a $5.00 bag of dirt with $5.00 worth of natural gold fines and get a free gold panning lesson (worth $75.00). After the lesson, ask to try your luck out on the famous gold-rich Aqua Fria creek and put your new found knowledge to work. Mike is very knowledgeable about prospecting for gold and gold recovery methods, and Mother Earth is still churning up the yellow metal year after year. Over ninety percent of all gold is still left in the earth for us to discover.Gold panning is $8.00 and up and guaranteed gold. Pan creek for a fee and we’ll show you how to pan. Please check in with the owners. 209-966-2127.

4008 Hwy 140
Catheys Valley
(209) 966-2127

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