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A Mountain Thanksgiving

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We are thankful for a beautiful Yosemite! All month long there opportunities to have fun and enjoy the beauty of Yosemite/Mariposa County. Visit now to enjoy great seasonal events and the beauty of the valley. For pre-Thanksgiving fun enjoy the Vintners’ Holidays at The Ahwahnee Hotel. Daily wine-tastings and sessions with winemakers make for an… Read more »

Honoring Our Vets

Veterans Day

Yosemite/Mariposa honors those who have served our nation. Yosemite National Park will offer free admission to the public in honor of Veteran’s Day on Tuesday, November 11, 2014.  This fee free day is offered to all park visitors in honor of current members, retired members, and reserve members of the United States Armed Forces and… Read more »

Christmas Traditions in Yosemite/Mariposa

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Start a new family tradition by taking the family to Yosemite/Mariposa County to enjoy an authentic and traditional holiday season that will make beautiful memories for years to come. Imagine watching the snow fall through the cathedral-like windows of the grand Ahwahnee Hotel with a cup of hot cocoa or join a sleigh ride complete… Read more »

Top Five Yosemite Places to Escape the Zombie Apocalypse


Are you prepared? Renowned for beautiful scenery, did you know Yosemite is also a great place for your zombie escape plans? See our top five picks for your zombie getaway. #5. Yosemite Falls – the tough climb to the top of Yosemite Falls offers some great cardio training for when you will inevitably have to… Read more »

Autumn Photography Escapes!


There is just something magical about autumn in Yosemite. The low-angled light casts a golden glow over granite, the sugar maples and black oaks erupt with fiery color, and a serenity rests over the valley after the bustle of the summertime crowds subsides. Capture this magical time with your camera. Photographers will barely make it… Read more »

Tastes of the Season


Cheers! Time to celebrate the fruits of the season, say farewell to summer, and hello to delicious food and drink. Autumn is a great time to getaway on a food and wine escape and Yosemite/Mariposa County has lots of options to satisfy any appetite. Proximity to the lush valleys that are the agricultural center of… Read more »

Yosemite Fall Colors


Yosemite National Park has several varieties of trees that change with the seasons to reveal beautiful fall colors. All spring and summer leaves have been using pigments (chlorophylls, xanthophyll, and carotenoids) to make food from air, water, and sunlight. As temperatures cool and days get shorter, leaves on deciduous trees stop producing chlorophylls and the… Read more »

What to Do in Yosemite this Fall

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One of the biggest secrets about Yosemite is how beautiful it is in the fall. There are numerous Yosemite activities in October and November to enjoy. Yosemite visitors enjoy quieter and cooler weather than the summer months, with most of the same amazing hiking, biking, and scenery all still available. Colors start changing as soon… Read more »