Yosemite 150th Gala

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7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Visionary Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Galen Clark understood that the wonders of the American wilderness are not only our inheritance, but our responsibility. Now, 150 years later, the promise of the Yosemite Grant endures as this beloved national park opens its arms to over 4 million people annually who marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty and gain a new understanding of the importance of preserving our wild lands.

Yosemite Conservancy invites you to commence our celebration commemorating the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Yosemite Grant. On November 7, 2013, over 400 individuals who share your love of Yosemite will convene at San Francisco City Hall to celebrate this milestone. The evening includes a sneak peek of Ken Burns’ Spectacular New Documentary “Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit”.

More information soon!

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