Yosemite Valley

Upper Yosemite Fall 1 - Kenny Karst

Carved by retreating glaciers more than ten thousand years ago, the Valley’s unique beauty continues to delight modern visitors.

- Half Dome
- El Capitan
- Waterfalls
- Wildlife

On a warm summer’s day, rest alongside of one of Yosemite Valley’s countless lakes, ponds, and rivers. As the cool water laps at your feet, lift your eyes to the steep stone walls rising high above.
John Muir called the mountains cradling this valley the Range of Light. It’s easy to see why – Just watch them shine in the sun and glint beneath the moon.

Instantly recognizable and famous world over, Yosemite’s star landmarks are as magical to meet as any Hollywood A-lister. Learn how to check out Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, and other must-see Valley views.

Endless Opportunities

The Valley overflows with activities to suit every taste.
Gain a new perspective on the falls. Cast off into the Merced. Try your hand at capturing Half Dome in an outdoor painting class!
A range of seasonal and year-round outdoor activities, entertaining tours, and world-class visitor centers and museums await Valley visitors.

Where to Stay

Options for every group, at every price level.

Where you lay your head at night is as much a part of your Yosemite experience as your daytime activities. Snag stellar deals and book rooms, campsites, and cabins to fit any budget.

Getting There

Directions to Yosemite Valley.

Highways 120 and 41 make a beeline for the Valley through the Park’s west and southern entrances. Highway 132 joins Highway 120 shortly before the north entrance and connects to the Valley via a support road. Take one highway in and another on the way out to maximize your views!

The general entrance fee is $20 per car, providing a week of unlimited entrances and exit privileges.

Visit our Travel Tools page to find tips on when to go, entrance gate information, and mileage charts. Plan your route with our interactive map to include the best roadside attractions, lodging, dining, and more!

Getting Around

Once in the Valley, many visitors find it easiest to leave their car in the lot.

Shuttle: Free shuttles make frequent trips between Valley features and amenities, including Yosemite Village, Curry Village & Happy Isles. Buses also reach destinations throughout the Park, including Glacier Point, Tenaya Canyon, and Tuolumne Meadows, though some of these routes charge a fee. Some destinations are not available in winter. For more information and to view schedules, visit the Yosemite Bus page.

Bike: Whether you brought your own bicycle or plan to rent inside the Park, smooth paths and flat trails make bikes a favorite method of Valley travel. More than eight miles of paved paths and the highways offer plenty of routes. Learn about rentals, paths, and Park biking rules.

Unforgettable Adventures

Explore the treasures of Yosemite National Park.

PVirant Beets

Mariposa County

Discover mining camps and ghost towns, world-class fishing and fine dining!


Glacier Point

Take in soaring valley views and first-class stargazing from a 3,200 foot perch.

Mariposa Grove - Annie Starkey small

Mariposa Grove

Feel tiny beside giant sequoias, the planet's largest living organisms.